About Melinda

“As a therapeutic practitioner, I bring sensitivity and non-judgement in holding the stories and the cultural contexts of clients, together with a recognition of the importance of art as a language of the inner life.”

Melinda’s expertise as an art therapist emerges from over 25 years as a visual artist and Arts educator. She has a master’s degree in art therapy and is a registered art therapist with ANZACATA, the peak professional body representing creative arts therapists in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia/Pacific region.


Melinda has worked for many years in juvenile justice as a therapeutic art teacher and is a strong advocate for trauma-informed and culturally responsive practice.


Her own love of being in the natural world, of finding connection to the animate other-than-human world, through walking, contemplative practice, somatic movement, and her own professional art practice, is woven through the work she undertakes as a creative arts therapist.