Art Therapy

Art therapy is a holistic, healing modality that supports emotional, psychological, physical + spiritual wellbeing through the language of art making and creative expression.

This process is not dependent on any art making skill or previous experience. It is a form of communication that allows an exploration of experience through the language of art making and creative expression. Using body focused and sensory approaches that support the awareness of body memories rather than being concerned with a final artwork.


Melinda offers 1:1 art therapy sessions and small group workshops for children, young people and adults which support the exploration of our human potential, woven with the nurturing of an ecological consciousness that honours our mutual belonging within the web of life and the opportunity of a broad exploration of our lived experience.

Art therapy sessions may incorporate painting, drawing, writing, sculpting, collage, clay, movement, and nature-based activities. It can also include being with nature and allowing sensory experiences to be gently explored.

It is Melinda’s role to lightly guide this creative expression and to assist the client to find meaning from their art making process. This will be supported through conversation, reflection, nature connection and further creative exploration.

Art therapy can offer the beneficial support of bringing a sense of calm and of deeper connection to self. It can promote clarity of thought, inner reflection and to come to a place of insight and resolution.

Art therapy can be empowering, enlivening and joyful. It can hold great opportunity for new expression and to stimulate possibility for social change.