Workshops + Art therapy Groups

Details of upcoming Offerings…


'Heart Garden': Small group Art Therapy for children

Starting weekly from Friday April 26th

Heart Garden is a small Art therapy group that provides opportunities for children aged 7 to 10 to engage within a social space in fun, nature-based activities and imaginative play. With a gentle, therapeutic approach, these sessions offer a delightful way to connect and collaborate with each other and the natural world, while promoting confidence and self-advocacy. Melinda invites participants to engage in creative discoveries and problem-solving that supports communication and emotional independence skills.

Each session offers an invitation to explore  different themes using a range of materials and props to inspire improvisation and creative possibilities. 

Children are invited to work together and navigate social spaces on their own terms through strength-based and affirming approaches. During each session, each child’s regulation and interoceptive awareness is supported through modelling and gentle therapeutic  guidance.

Melinda fosters a safe and inclusive space for children to express themselves and is guided by neuro-divergent affirming principles and a trauma-informed approach that promotes healthy, emotional wellbeing.


These are small group sessions. Maximum 4 participants.


3.45-5.00pm Fridays during school term.


8 weeks/ $320 ( payment plan available)


Private + NDIS funded participants welcome. Contact me for all enrolment details.



Bilateral Drawing group for women

Starting weekly, in May

Bilateral Drawing is a type of sensorimotor stimulation that activates both hemispheres of our brain and both sides of our body through drawing with both hands, eyes closed. It can be a space to access flow– to attend to our nervous system, to help process difficult interactions, feelings, emotions, memories. A space that we can create for ourselves to allow for integration of our experiences, thoughts, emotions, and body. To consider all of the things we’re learning, unlearning, feeling, experiencing, avoiding, holding.


It is an accessible way of getting out of our heads and finding the rhythms of breath, music, and movement and notice the sensations of the materials that we are holding and drawing with. This is a space to connect with our bodies, to invite them into an alternative kind of conversation through exploring rhythm, repetition & movement as resources for wellbeing and care.


No experience with art-making is required.

The sessions are 45 minutes, starting with a gentle guided, grounding practice and then using a prompt we move into drawing (with music).


The practice of Bilateral drawing challenges notions of both what it means to make art and what it can mean to take care of ourselves, personally & collectively. 


Please get in contact if you are interested in joining these small group sessions.

Bilateral Drawing

Nature-connection workshop

...coming in May

Personal healing stemming from mindful immersion in nature using sensory experience combined with art making practice.

Journal Making for Self-care

...details coming soon.